What is Microblading?

Microblading, sometimes referred to as ‘Eyebrow Embroidery’, is a permanent procedure that creates the most natural looking, realistic hair strokes to fill in thin, sparse eyebrows, eyebrows with bald spots, or totally reconstruct missing eyebrows due to causes such as aging or alopecia. During this unique technique, tattoo pigment is applied with a tool that has a fixed small blade with many disposable needles. Microblade needles are three times thinner than those used in machines, and the depth of pigment injection does not reach the deepest layer of the dermis. Thus, an effect of extremely fine and natural looking hair is achieved. Debonair Eyebrow & Beauty specializes in designing the perfect shape, thickness and color eyebrows to suit each individual. Debonair Eyebrow & Beauty uses only the highest quality pigments and fully disposable sterile tools. To keep discomfort to a minimum, a topical anesthetic is applied before the procedure.

What are the steps in a treatment?
  • Mapping eyebrow shape using a special waterproof pencil (this is usually the longest step to ensure the eyebrows are symmetrical and the client is 100% happy)

  • 10-15 minute numbing process using topical lidocaine cream

  • Pigment is applied using a manual tool and chosen pigment color

  • Pigment is left to absorb

  • Area is cleaned

  • Appointment can last up to 2.5 hours


Is there anything to avoid before I get my treatment?
  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours before treatment

  • Do not drink coffee, alcohol or energy drinks on the treatment day

  • Do not use sunbeds at least 3 days before the treatment

  • Do not wax your eyebrows 2-3 days before treatment

  • No chemical peels, dermabrasion, mesotherapy or any other intense skin treatments which will cause faster skin cells rejuvenating and cause skin irritation, 2-3 weeks before treatment

  • If you have Botox injections it is best to have Microblading done first and then wait 4 weeks to have Botox. If you have Botox injections first you should wait 2 months before a Microblading treatment

What should I do after my treatment?
  • It is important to keep your eyebrows from being completely saturated with water for 7-10 days, if possible

  • Do not touch or scratch your eyebrows

  • Disinfect the area will a small amount of cleanser (which Debonair Eyebrow & Beauty provides for you) 2 times a day. You can clean more times if your eyebrows feel sweaty or you have excess lymph fluid or oil.

  • If your skin feels dry, to avoid further dryness use a packet of After Ink which is provided for you by Debonair Eyebrow & Beauty. Apply 2-3 times daily to avoid drying out. After Ink is a grapeseed oil base - use as directed or, if After Ink causes irritation, use coconut oil lightly with a cotton swap.

  • Do not use any other ointments, creams with vitamins or antibiotics on eyebrows

  • No exercise for at least 2 days after treatment

  • No saunas or swimming pools for 2 weeks

  • No sunbathing or sunbeds for 4 weeks

  • No tinting, chemical peels, mesotherapy, dermabrasion, Botox or any other strong treatments for 4 weeks

  • No cosmetics on eyebrow area for 2 weeks

What should I expect from the healing process?
  • If eyebrows are kept clean and dry then only a thin film (not a scab) will appear after 4-7 days. It will naturally fall off (do not touch or scratch it) after 7-10 days. After the film falls away, dryness and flakiness can appear. In this case a small amount of coconut oil can be used after cleaning.

  • If water or excess sebum or sweat comes into contact with your eyebrows, the wound will expand and a scab will appear. It is important not to scratch the scab as this could cause a scar to develop and/or loss of pigment.

  • If skin is sensitive on the day of the treatment you may have a bit of redness around your eyebrows, this should dissipate after a couple of days. 

  • Strokes will appear darker in the days immediately following treatment, but will lighten once healed.

  • Touch up is recommended after the first 4-6 weeks. Before this the skin will be too thin and sensitive. At a touch up appointment missing hairs are filled in, hairs can be made longer or a more intensive color can be achieved. Results can last up to 2 years; however, annual color boost is recommended to keep eyebrows looking fresh.

Is there any reason I should wait to have the procedure done?

Yes, there are several occasions in which you may need to wait to have Microblading done. Please contact Debonair Eyebrow & Beauty to further discuss your situation if any of the following apply:

  • If you're pregnant or nursing

  • If you're diabetic

  • If any skin disease symptoms or irritation appears on the eyebrows, ex. Acne, eczema, psoriasis etc.

  • If you've recently had Botox injections (typically after 1 month it is allowed)

  • If you are using Accutane, Isotretinoin or other strong retinoids (must have stopped for 6 months prior to treatment)

  • If you are suffering from sunburn or frostbite

  • If you have a tendency to keloid scars

  • If you've just waxed or performed a chemical peel

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